About St Sordid Secret​

Photograph of St Sordid Secret hosting a drag queen brunch event for Revolutions bar

Hi there! I’m the International Multi Award Winning, St Sordid Secret! 

I’ve been in the business we call show going on nearly two decades. I’m very lucky to be working all over the UK and Spain!

Often described as one of the last old school drag acts, with a wardrobe to rival the BBC dress department!
I work as a DJ, host and cabaret artist. I tour every year with my solo show and christmas show, which is a healthy picture of comedy, classics, live singing and a good dose of patter with the audience. Always sailing close to the line but never crossing it, a good laugh is guaranteed.

As well as this, I’m actively involved in the LGBT Pride run. I usually host and perform at around 10 pride’s a year. This includes Leeds, Wakefield, York, and Lincoln, to name a few! Not only this, I fly out several times a year to perform in Spain including Benidorm Pride, who doesn’t like laughter in the sun?

But the work doesn’t stop there! I hold regular weekly residencies, including The New Penny Leeds (The UK’s oldest LGBT venue) and The Sun Hotel in Bradford. Both venues I have had the privilege to work for over a decade and continue to entertain crowds every week.

Alas as workaholic, through out the year when I find the time, I am also booked out and available for private functions, including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and corporate events. Nothing makes me happier than making those special core memories with people, there isn’t a feeling like it!

So thank you for coming to my website! Feel free to look around and drop me a message! I hope to hear from you soon, and as ever always be safe and always be kind.

St Sordid Secret